Number of SSL sockets in a application



       Module                          :: Q2686G.
       The firmware version is :: R74_00gg.Q2686G
       Application OS               :: 06.21
       Boot loader version        :: V08b0e 

In my application, I need two SSL sockets. I created them. But, the FCM of , secondly created socket is not get invoked .

If I comment the first one, then the FCM of second is working fine. Immediately, I am receiving OPEN,READ,WRITE.

Can I have two SSL sockets in a single application?   .   I am not using task now. Will this be a reason?

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Yes two SSL sockets can be opened in single application.It is same as TCP socket opening ,
the only difference being that in case of SSL, wip_SSLClientCreate() is used instead of
May be there is a problem in the way FCM is handled.For the second socket at the time of invoking the FCM make sure the that the UART is switched back from the data mode to the AT command mode(else it won’t be possible to invoke the FCM for the second socket).



hai Paruthiv ,thank you for your reply

I don’t understand how Socket FCM is related to UART FCM . I meant Socket FCM, is the handler function used when creating normal/SSL socket. Once the socket is created, the OS will invoke WIP_OPEN or WIP_ERROR then WIP_READ etc.

My problem is I didn’t get any one of those two[ WIP_OPEN/ERROR ] events in socket handler function for a long period of time[10 min].