Fcm - funtcion



I am trying to manage with the FCM APIs but I don’t understand this well. If I want to comunicate my Open AT aplication with a WinCE aplication, using uart1 I understand that I need to use a FCM apis, to send and recieve messatge. Has anybody have some exemple about that? I don’t know how use to recieve data correctly.

Thank you



You have already been shown an example on this forum.

You have already been directed to the examples included with the Developer Studio.

The is an Application Note titled, AirPrime Using FCM Flow - you can find it in the Downloads section for the Q26 on the SiWi website; or, if you can’t find it, ask your Distributor for it.


it is not enough for me this exemples.


Then just giving you more examples isn’t going to help - is it?

Aside from Open-AT, do you have any programming experience?

In particular, do you have any embedded microcontroller ‘C’ programming experience?


Yes I have been programming during this year, but I am Electronic Engineer so I not used to program.

Thank you


So you have two choices:

  1. Invest some time (maybe also money) into some serious training/study to learn embedded ‘C’ well;
  2. Get a suitably-experienced programmer to do this for you.