UART/USB handle

Hi to all!, when u want to use the UARTs/USB services are two ways, the FCM services or the raw acces.
In my personal experience i found easier use the FCM services altough it uses an autobaudrate and the eccho is aviable. This two features wasnt really wanted in my development so i used fcm services and then at commands.
So, i use the fcm to initialize and handle the data from the UARTs and USB, and with the at commands i change the baudrate, bits number, flow control and disable the eccho when the port became data mode.

Use the raw acces it brings me lots of difficulties.

No, that’s not true.

FCM uses the UART “as it finds it” - ie, you have to set-up the baud rate, echo, etc, using AT commands before you make your FCM subscription.

FCM is “mature” - well tried & tested.

“raw” access is new, and hasn’t yet had all the wrinkles ironed-out. The documentaion is particularly poor - even by Wavecom’s standards.