No SIM_EVENTs after subscribing to SIM service

I do not get the SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT after subscribing to the SIM service.
What could be the cause?


When are you subscribing to the SIM service. Just after starting the application, right? What WIND indications are you receiving. if the SIM is already subscribed before calling the sim subscribe function, there’s every chance that this event will not come.

I did’n receive it too.
But i ttried to reset the SIM card and after that it began to send the events.


I’ve found that sometimes the SIM becomes ready before my code has established the SIM handler - so I never get the SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT event (as Rex_Alex noted).

I now (a) subscribe to the sim handler & (b), immediately after the subscription I check the SIM STATE. If it’s already FULL_INIT, I call the function used to handle this event.

This way I cover both situations.

ciao, Dave