No miso No mosi?


How to connect SPI memory with 4 wire interface
since ther is No MISO No MOSI?


Haven’t done this on my Q2501 before, but some other places.

Have a look e.g. at



i am sorry dear this is not the solution
i am looking for connection 4 wire spi with 3 wire spi


Hi Kapilsinghi,

Please check my response to this post at the following location: … php?t=1187

Open AT Fan.


Sorry, Kapil, I should have written this in my first posting already:
Have a look on the circuitry round R14/J4 on pg6.
IMO R14 is used to weaken the MOSI port and therefore enabling the attachment of a three wired SPI subsystem.

As I wrote I haven’t used SPI on my Q2501 yet, just on a Q2686. But IIRC there is already a 4W-interface.