New feature: Go To Declaration *and* Go To Definition


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OK - here it is!

I’ll try it again, but I don’t think that works. It certainly isn’t as clear & straightforward as the previous IDE!

Note that I’m using the terms in the strict ‘C’ meaning:

  • The definition of a function is the place that contains the body of the function; the executable code - its “implemnentation”, if you like;
  • A declaration of a function is a prototype; eg, in a header file.

Similarly, “variables” must have a definition - that’s the place that actually causese memory to be “consumed” - and may also have ‘extern’ declarations .

It’s the declarations in the above sense that seem to be missing from M2MStudio (and are inappropriately called “declarations”)


Thanks for the definition of definition (and declaration) :wink:

So to look for the declaration of a function in the workspace, you also have the Ctrl+G shortcut.
Please let us know if you find this easy enough…