Never receive a bearer event

I am trying to setup a GPRS bearer, and my handler never receives any events. I’m a little unsure of the exact process to open a bearer, so I’ve tried to setup the bearer in two ways:

1: I wait for SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT, connect to the GPRS network using adl_gprsSetup(), once my gprsHandler gets the ADL_GPRS_EVENT_ACTIVATE_OK event, I send a message to another task to start the bearer setup.
2: I wait for SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT, then send a message to another task to go through the bearer setup.

With method 1, after I connect to the GPRS network, adl_gprsGetCidInformations() tells me I have an IP address, two DNS addresses, but my default gateway is 0.

Here is how I setup the bearer with both methods:

/*** In task entry point ***/
	wip_logEvents = TRUE;

/*** In a message handler once GPRS has already been connected(method 1) or after FULL_INIT(method 2) ***/
	wip_bearer_t b;
	int ctx = 1;

	ret = wip_bearerOpen( &b, "GPRS", (wip_bearerHandler_f)evh_bearer, &ctx);
	TRACE((1, "Bearer open %d", ret));

	ret = wip_bearerSetOpts( b, WIP_BOPT_GPRS_APN, "myAPN",
	TRACE((1,"setOpts %d", ret));

	ret = wip_bearerStart( b);
	if( ret == WIP_BERR_OK_INPROGRESS ) TRACE((1, "Bearer is connecting"));
	TRACE((1, "Bearer start %d", ret));

/***  My event handler ***/
	void evh_bearer( wip_bearer_t b, s8 event, void *ctx)
		TRACE((1, "IN BEARER, %d", event));

Here are my traces when I go through the procedure:

10/04/26,10:08:57:812	ADL	1	[GPRS]: open: -> DISCONNECTED
10/04/26,10:08:57:822	ADL	1	Bearer open 0
10/04/26,10:08:57:822	ADL	1	setOpts 0
10/04/26,10:08:57:822	ADL	27	Call subs 00267409 : 0
10/04/26,10:08:57:822	ADL	31	Gprs subs 00270181 : 0
10/04/26,10:08:57:832	ADL	16	[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
10/04/26,10:08:57:892	ATI	1	AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","myAPN",,0,0
10/04/26,10:08:58:433	ATI	1	OK
10/04/26,10:08:58:473	ADL	31	Gprs setup 1 : 0
10/04/26,10:08:58:483	ADL	1	[GPRS]: start: -> CONNECTING
10/04/26,10:08:58:493	ADL	1	Bearer is connecting
10/04/26,10:08:58:513	ADL	1	Bearer start -27
10/04/26,10:08:58:533	ATI	1	+WIND: 7
10/04/26,10:08:58:563	ATI	1	+CREG: 1,"2715","8113"
10/04/26,10:08:58:673	ATI	1	+WIND: 15,1,"ATT",2,"ATT",4,"10/04/26,17:06:17-16",6,"1"

I get the WIP_BERR_OK_INPROGRESS return from wip_bearerStart(), and then I get nothing else. I let it sit while I went to lunch, and still no events. I was expecting to see my "IN BEARER " trace, with at least some sort of failure event. But I don’t get any further. What am I missing from this?

I’ve got it working now.

What I had to do was setup all the network initialization and start the bearer from the main task. I was previously sending a message to the “Network” task to start the bearer. Now that I start the bearer in the main application task, it works.

Did I miss something in the documentation? I obviously don’t understand everything about tasks. What could cause this? I am using different tasks to monitor GPIOs, might I have problems down the road?

Now you come to mention it, I do seem to vaguely recall something about some restrictions regarding WIP and tasks…

Found it!

It’s actually very clearly & explicitly stated in the section titled, “Multitasking Feature”

But, surely, there should be some kind of return value from the Bearer functions to indicate when they’ve been called from the wrong context?!