Bearer events not received with ATS0

When a call is made to wip_bearerStart and at more or less the same time a voice call is received and answered automatically (using Automatic Answer S0), the bearer events (WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED; WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED; etc.) are not received. This seems to be a bug in SW, any ideas how to get these events? [The bearer works fine with no voice call and it seems to work also when answering using an AT command]

This is going to be highly dependent on timing. As Conrad has said already if an IP session is ongoing and a CS call is received then that GPRS session (and by definition the IP one) is suspended. I suspect that because the session is suspended at the point that it is not fully initiated there is nothing happening to trigger the bearer events and there are no time outs, again because it is suspended. What happens when the call ends? Do you start receiving events or do you need to tear the session down and start again?

To fully establish the sequence of events you would need to take a log with the below filter in dev studio (assuming you have IP logging turned on in your code).

ATI [1]
L3GMM [3;4]
L3CC [3;4]
NET [10]