Need to change sub-band


I have an Airprime MC5728V CDMA module, and I need it to register on channel 283 (800MHz Cellular sub-band A), but it keeps registering on channel 384 (other operator). Even when i write down the correct SID and NID it doesn’t seem to accept it

Current band: Cellular CDMA
Current channel: 384
SID: 0 NID: 0
1xRoam: 0 HDRRoam: 0
Temp: 30 State: 0 Sys Mode: NO SRV
Pilot NOT acquired
Modem has NOT registered

MDN: 0146958498
MIN: 0146958498
SID: 31491
NID: 65535

Could you please give me some lights on this issue?


Hi ,

MC5728V registers on channel 384 becuase this channel is the default one.
If the module needs to get register on 283 then the PRL(Preferred Roaming List)needs to be changed as this channel should be in PRL.

Are you using Simulated network(like call box) or live network(as in simulated network,default channel is 384).