Need Solution for Disabling EM7565 antenna


I have one question regarding the EM7565. When we request the --nas-get-tx-rx-info qmi command on the modem there are 2 Rx that are part of the answer

see RX Chain 0: Radio tuned: ‘yes’,Power: ‘-51.800000dBm’, RX Chain 1: Radio tuned: ‘yes’,Power: ‘-103.400000dBm’, TX: In traffic: ‘no’# logs

we are not using the 2 Rx at all on our Unit and unit has implemented for SISO not MIMO . Is there a way to “disable” that 2 second chain so that it will not be reported anymore nor will it be “used” by the modem?

I am wondering why 2 Rx chain’s are reporting ? Is the second one for CA ?