NAT/Masquerade configuration XR80

Hi, I can’t seem to find any configuration guides for NAT on the XR80 ver4.0.

I was told NAT is under the title of Masquerade mode on the router but there is still very little config guides/documentation.

Context in my use case if required.
XR80 is installed within a crane.
XR80 is currently configured as WIFI Client for connectivity on to my LAN. This is set as WAN connection.
XR80 has an Ethernet connection to another vendor Router which connects to another LAN which is not mine or considered safe but I do to data from the crane network/systems.

Hi @Stuart.macrae,

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On the source page, it is indeed true that there are no documents that provide clear information on this section. Therefore, in this case, it would be better if you send an email to the technical support at to receive further assistance.