My tcpclient use well , how can i make it a dtu program?

Q24PL how to read the data from the COM1, and copy it to snd_buffer,send it to remote server ?

make it like DTU,(Transparent transmission)。

may i use adl_FcmSubscribe ?

or some function?

if use adl_FcmSubscribe function, when the data come from COM1,i will open the FCM again ? isn’t it ?

i use wip_TCPClientCreate, can only send my array data, the data from com1 can not send , and after the FCM open ,it will be close as soon as , why ?



What do you mean by “can only send my array data, the data from com1 cannot be send”.

If you are subscribing COM1 using FCM service then it is possible that data coming from COM1 can be stored and send to some other port (or something like that).

So, can you please explain what exactly you are doing in your application. what are the events received in your application using FCM service.

After opening the FCM, is FCM close event received immediately, without receiving data from COM 1?What is the exact scenario?

Can you please check in your application that when are you unsubscribing FCM service because FCM CLOSE event is related to adl_fcmUnsubscribe().