MUXed PPP TCP/IP trace in Wireshark?

Is it possible to wireshark-trace ppp tcpip traffic from serial line MUX (TS 27.010) between an existing CPU-uart and modems? I’m not able to run code in the CPU, but am able to caputure TX- and RX from HL3450 and feed them into a PC equipped with two com-interfaces.


Wireshark needs to be running on the system that is performing the PPP dial up, it sound like you are sniffing the UART TX/RX lines between a micro and a modem and feeding each one into the tx on a UART on this 3rd system. From that you would need to combine them, decode the CMUX traffic to extract the channel you want to analyse and then feed that into Wireshark?

Assuming the answer to the above is yes, then the answer to the question is no, you cannot do that, well you can but you would need to write a custom tool to do all of it, the standard tools cannot do that.



Thanks for your swift response, Matt, its appreciated
Yes, correct: I normally use wireshark as a third party to sniff tcpip lan eth traffic between two eth lan hosts. Now my objective is to use wireshark as a 3rd party to sniff tcpip ppp traffic from an existing TS27.010 MUX. I already can plain text putty capture TX and RX uart lines into two separate comms.
I found some code, but that’s not exactly what I need: wireshark/packet-mux27010.c at master · boundary/wireshark · GitHub

I wonder if anyone has faced the same need and already built something similar, because I’m a rookie :wink: