Multiple watchdog resets make the Q2687 unresponsive

My application on a Q2687 gets into a sequence of operations that make the watchdog timer reset it. AFAIK the watchdog is started automatically when the application is booted. I have to insert watchdog resets or put to sleep. I will do that in the future.

However, after a few times it resets by itself then it becomes unresponsive. I recall reading somewhere (but I cannot remember where; maybe in a Sierra manual, maybe a forum post) that after the device resets by itself a few times then it goes into another state/mode. Does this ring a bell to anyone? Does it make sense?


That’s correct - after a number of failed startup attempts, the unit will stop attempting to start the application.

Thanks awneil. Do you know where is the document for this behavior?

How can somebody reset the unit in order to make it start again? Does somebody need to cut the power, reset it, turn it off, something else?