Multiple sockets on GR64



We have an existing product which uses the GR64. The system connects to a number of remote devices creating a TCP socket across the GPRS (AT*E2IPO command). Once it has connected the socket, it reads some data from the remote device, then closes the socket to that device and moves to the next device, again opening the socket, reading the data and closing the socket. I have read that the GR64 supports up to 15 multiple sockets, so I should be able to keep up to 15 sockets open at a time. Is that right?

If I have, say, 15 sockets connected to 15 remote devices, and one of these devices sends some unsolicited data, it is possible for the central system to identify which socket this data was received over? Is this done using the E2IPEV socket events?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



Yes GR64 supports multiple sockets and you can keep 15 sockets open at at time.
It is optimal to use the IP events (AT*E2IPEV) unsolicited responses to know when the incomming connection request occurs.
If *E2IPEV reports are enabled you can easily identify the event types received on a particular socket ID.