E2IPEV event



I’m using a Q64 with the GR64 plug in. My unit connects to the GPRS, and listens on a socket for an incoming connection. After an hour, to the second (if no data has been received), the unit receives an unsolicited E2IPEV event as follows;

*E2IPEV: 10,0,64548

The ‘10’ means a socket error, but I can’t find what the error number 64548 means. The GR64 At Commands manual only lists error codes up to 255.

Shortly after this error code is received, the unit gets a NW DEACT error.

+CGEV: NW DEACT “IP”, “”, 1

I’m assuming that this is as a result of the E2IPEV error, rather than the cause of it.

Could the Vodafone network be automatically closing the socket and/or disconnecting the unit from GPRS if it has been idle for this time?




64548 = FC24 in Hex; so could this be a signed number? That would be -988…

Extremely likely indeed - in fact, pretty much a certainty!

Are you using a proper M2M service, or just a “consumer” SIM - intended for a phone?