Multiple Monitors?


See: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3466&p=13145#p13145

So, it is possible to spread views over multiple monitors?

I had a try, but it didn’t seem to want to let me drag a view outside of the Eclipse window… :angry:


You can instantiate a new Eclipse window with… Window > New window :wink:


Would that actually work - or would they just “fight”…? :open_mouth:


Ooops… I took the try, and they actually just fight :frowning:
Last tip: you can detach a view (right click on the view tab > Detached)
It doesn’t allow you to switch between the windows by Alt+Tab since it is still the same application, but maybe you should be able to put the detached view on the secondary monitor…


That’d be fine - I’ll give it a try…


Yes, it lets you put the views on the other monitor :slight_smile:

You have to do each one individually - Traces and Console view. :frowning:

But, when you try to switch the “main” screen back to the Open-AT perspective - to see the sources - the Traces and Console views disappear! :unamused:

So that’s useless! :angry:


However, I’ve just found that TMT (and TE) will happily share the serial link with M2MStudio - so, apart from the ‘Download’ button, I don’t need the (inferior) M2MStudio Target Management perspective at all :smiley:

I can use M2MStudio just for editing & building on one screen, and have TMT (and TE) for target debug on the other. :smiley:


that’s SeLiMa for you :slight_smile: