Multiple gits not sync to build form source

Hello, i am trying to build the mangoRed - wp76xx;
While working with the dev manual i am trying to rebuild all the staff for WP76xx Firmware Release 9 Components - meaning using the armv7a-neon-toolchain-swi-ext-2.2.3 toolchain + legato 18.03 + the mangOH (git clone --recursive git:// ) like described at the refMan.

As i understand the REV9 FW is checked for legato 18.03 , but the master of mangOH git has moved forward (adding new features) and the toolchain from sierrawireless is for the above legato version.

So this multiple tools are not so synced together and the mangoOH make red_wp76xx wont work…

Any suggestions or assistance please …