MP70 WPA2 Wifi Does not work with iPad PRO - Incorrect Password

I’ve recently purchased 3 AirLink MP70 devices and am unable to connect specifically any iPad Pro to a WPA2 wifi network created on them.

I have tried 2 different iPad Pro’s both the normal size and the 12.9” size. When you try to connect to the MP70 you get an error of Incorrect Password on a WPA2 wifi network created on the device.

I can replicate this on all the MP70s I have. I have upgraded to the latest software and radio modules for the MP70 and still have the same problem. They will connect to an open and WPA network created on the MP70 but NOT WPA2.

Has anyone seen this?

I have the same issues, also unable to connect iPhone XS.
No issues connecting a PC nor an Android device.

I wasn’t able to solve the problem. I ended up using WPA instead of WPA2 as a workaround.

Not the first time I’ve experienced an issue where Apple was the odd man out. It’s probably something with how they wrote their code. They sometimes go their own way and it’s up to everyone else to conform to them.

Thanks, the only issue with that is that WPA isn’t has secure.
I’ll open a support ticket with Sierra and see if they can assist if not I will with Apple.

Yes I agree. In my use case the risk to use WPA was acceptable (although uncomfortable), hoping a future firmware update would resolve issue. If you make progress I look forward to seeing an update. Thanks!

Try disabling “802.11w support”. It’s under “Wi-Fi > Access Point > General > Advanced”

From Apple Support:

can you try changing the following parameter on the gateway:

Wi-Fi > Access Point > General > Advanced > 802.11w support ==> Disabled

It is currently set to optional and this may be causing the problem. You will need to reboot the gateway after the change.

This has resolved the issue for myself. Can you confirm that this fixes your issue.

What was the question you asked that Apple support resolved so fast? When I asked I might as well have been talking to a brick wall. They’re not usually eager to provide support on another company’s product.

I have a paid support contract in place with them. Older models were connecting, I was only having issues with the X family and iPad pro. They had me gather logs from functional model and non and came back about an hour later asking to test again with 802.11w support disabled.

I also had a ticket open with Sierra and they hadn’t figured it out yet.

Awesome, thanks for passing along the solution!