MP70 device tree documentation?

Does anyone know where I can find any documentation on the structure and content of the MP70 device tree?

I’ve seen references to a fabled ‘separate document’ along with some hyperlinks, but those all seem to have succumbed to link-rot since they were posted. There’s even a tantalising post to this forum from 2014 pointing to the now defunct subdomain.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi AP11

Here is device tree documentation (5.1 KB)

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Thanks for your help, Donald. That document goes some way to showing me what I need, but parts of it seem to be rather GX400 specific. For instance the I/O section covers a single GPIO pin, whereas the MP70 has a further four configurable inputs.

Do you know whether there’s an MP70 version of the document? Or could you point me to your source for current documentation?

Thanks again.

I think I’ve found what I need now.

There’s a short lua function that dumps the contents of the device tree given in reply another question on this forum. I think there should be enough information for me to dig through.