Module restarting_

HAI , i am using Q2686G module ,i connected my Q2686 board with modbus protocol to Dc energy meter
when i am receiving response from the DC energy meter the module restarting ? can any one guess what is the problem?

Not from the very small amount of information that you’ve provided!

You need to provide much more detail!

At the moment, your question is like saying, “my car keeps stopping - what’s wrong with it?”

I am also working (almost done) with similar project using Q24 Plus and planning to implement on Q2686G. Can u tell where is the problem so that i can also give some suggestions.


You still haven’t provided much info to help diagnose your problem…

You say that you are ‘Waiting’ for a response from an energy meter. You’re not waiting in a while loop are you? i.e. something like this:


because if you are, then you’re probably tripping the internal watchdog.

And before you ask, no - you can’t shut off the internal watchdog.

OpenAT is an event driven OS. You’ll have to subscribe to a can bus event and process your response data in the event handler.

Have a look at the following Forum Topic: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766#p16098

I think you’re going to have to be very careful when designing your modbus handler, as I recall that modbus requires some reasonably strict timing parameters - which you are NOT going to be able to to with counters and delays in OpenAT.

ciao, Dave

Hai all,
Thanks for your replies, I got where is the problem.i converted null value into float,
in openat this type of conversion is exception. so the module restarting.

Did you also read the warnings that you should not use %f in printf or sprintf with GCC…?

hi chandra,

Thanks for posting back the solution for the problem