Module reset needed after changing APN using the sc+cgdcont= command

Hi, I am using the EM7455 module. I am discovering that after changing the APN using the at+cgdcont= command, I need to have a rather long wait time before I issue the at!scact=1,1 command to start PDP connection. If not, the connection may not be start up correctly. That is, the at!scact? command will show that the connection is not up.

Have anyone else noticed this behavior and do I even need to reset the module after issuing the command to change the APN?


There is a switch ‘SINGLEAPNSWITCH’ in AT!CUSTOM that will allow detach reattach after APN changes:
From AT doc:
“SINGLEAPNSWITCH”—Indicate device behavior when changing APN name,
username, or password.
• 0 = Do nothing
• 1 = Device detaches and re-attaches after changing APN information
• 2 = Power-cycle the UE

Please check with ‘AT!CUSTOM?’ and enable it if it is already enabled:

You can use AT+CREG=2, AT+CEREG=2 to monitor the detach/attach and make sure AT!SCACT=1,1 is used after module attach to the network.

Thank you!
It was already set to 1. I guess it does take a while for the APN switch to take place b4 a PDP connection can be started.