module no response by AT+KTEMP


I’m using HL8548 with UART. Hardware flowcontrol enabled by AT&K3.
I send AT+KTEMPMON=1 every 5sec to get module temperature.
Normally “+KTEMPMON” return. However very rare case no response. Then any command no response from HL.
I try to send command other USB port. It return response. And then SIM desertion, “+SIM:0” return to USB port, however no return to UART port.
SIM insert again, then “+SIM:1” return to USB port only. However “+PBREADY” return USB and UART port. So I think UART signal is enabled…
What happen in HL?

Hello ,
Which FW version are you using? Please test on latest FW available

If still you faces problems , please let us know the exact usecase in which you are seeing issue .

Thanks & Regards,

This issue is seen on HL8518, HL8548, HL7539, HL7690, HL7802.

On all modules after some time, this commands gets blocked, no response, and subsequently all further commands fails until module is reboot.