Module freezes if IPR=1200


I’m using 6.57e and openAT 3.14 on an Q2400+. I’m using the sample code but using an SMS to initialise the download. Everything works fine until I configure the unit with AT+IPR1200. In this case the download completes, it attempts to install the new application, and then the unit hangs. The module appears completely dead, even after a power cycle. The LED does not show any activity and I can’t get any response via the serial port. I have no idea why configuring the serial port speed should affect an over the air download. This is a major problem for us at the moment.




hi i have a similar problem. i think you use 1200 baud rate insead of 115200 which is default.
You mean the problem occurs because of baud rate 1200? then if it was 115200 would the problem be solved?
see also my post pls viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2726&p=9907#p9907



What sample code?

What download?

How are you “using” the SMS?