Modbus on FX-30 over RJ-45?

Is there a way to communicate over a MODBUS serial protocol over the ethernet RJ-45 connector on the FX-30? The reason for the question is that we have several devices that we want to talk to and they have an RJ-45 port that is RS232 enabled.

We could use the FX-30S with the RS485/232 enabled serial port but we are already using the FX-30 in some other applications so the question is whether we could standardize on the FX-30.

A review of the FX-30 manual didn’t seem like this was possible (like a Modbus over TCP/IP) but i’m just posting the question here as a double check.



Pretty sure the simple answer is no, there may be some convoluted hack involving rebuilding the kernel, etc but using standard tools/API’s then no I don’t think it is possible.