ModBus for OpenAT


please could anybody be so kind to give me some advice about how to get a working modbus master library for OpenAT?

Thank you in advance for any tip and best regards,

Over Serial or TCP/IP :question:

Try :question:

Hello Awneil,

first of all, thank you very much for your pointers.

I’m looking for “Serial ModBus RTU” OpenAT library, therefore the library needs to work over OpenAT FCM (preferable, because it’s a data logger application) or Open UART.

I’ve been trying with two of the libraries listed in without success:

  • has several dependencies like “termios.h” which I have not been able to resolve and it needs the tipical “config.h” generated by a script for the specific environment.
  • seems to need queues and threads which are complex to port to OpenAT, at least for my limited OpenAT knowledge.

Do you know any open source ModBus RTU library over serial for OpenAT?

Thank you again and best regards.