Missing Resource File in Android RIL Integraiton Guide

Hi :slight_smile:
I am currently integrating the MC7455 into Android 5.1.1.
I am using the AndroidRIL_V5.1.9_ARM_5.1_V1.0_bin
with the Android RIL Integration Guide for AirPrimeModules
and struggling on the file:

It is different to my MobileNetworkSettings.java in the AOSP and calls for resources, which are not available.

First I had problems with R.strings.* and R.arrays*
which I could see if I compiled the AOSP, for example:

packages/services/Telephony/src/com/android/phone/MobileNetworkSettings.java:544: error: cannot find symbol
symbol: variable network_cdma
location: class string

I found the cm_arrays.xml which solved the problems with R.arrays*.
But now I have unresolved strings in the array file:

packages/services/Telephony/res/values/cm_arrays.xml:58: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘^index_1’ with value ‘@string/aac_format’).

so I guess I would need something like a cm_strings.xml as well and
I can’t find the relating .xml file in the AndroidRIL_V5.1.9_ARM_5.1_V1.0_bin.

Could you tell me, which Version of Telephony is used here? Then I can find the *_string.xml file in the google repositories and perhaps add it to my AOSP.



I am getting more and more sure, that the sources I use are different from the ones, the integration of Sierra is based on.
After manually including all missing strings by placeholders, I get the following errors, when I compile the AOSP:

packages/services/Telephony/src/com/android/phone/MobileNetworkSettings.java:615: error: cannot find symbol
int userNwMode = SubscriptionController.getInstance().getUserNwMode(mPhone.getSubId());
symbol: method getUserNwMode(int)
location: class SubscriptionController
packages/services/Telephony/src/com/android/phone/MobileNetworkSettings.java:623: error: cannot find symbol
SubscriptionController.getInstance().setUserNwMode(mPhone.getSubId(), nwMode);
symbol: method setUserNwMode(int,int)
location: class SubscriptionController

Interesting is, that my file SubsciptionController.java does not include this functions, that MobileNetworkSettings.java is calling.

So I went through the official Google AOSPs for the different Android Version branches, from KitKat (which does not even have a SubsciptionController.java) to Lollipop, to Marshmallow and Nougat, but every SubscriptionController.java does not have this function.

After that, I downloaded the Android RIL sources from Sierra Wireless, from 5.1.2 to 6.0.8, 8.1.3 and 9.0.4, disregarding that some are for Windows and not ARM (I am using ARM).
None of them included a SubscriptionController.java file, which would show, that this file has been modified.

When I search for the usage of this functions in MobileNetworkSettings.java in the different RILs,
I figure out, that it is only in the AndroidRIL Version 5.1.9 for ARM:

find -name MobileNetworkSettings.java | xargs grep “setUserNw”
/MobileNetworkSettings.java: SubscriptionController.getInstance().setUserNwMode(mPhone.getSubId(), nwMode);

I searched through the internet and found one guy, https://github.com/hereitbegins/ril/tree/master/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony
who uses the SubscriptionController.java in the version, I might need.
But I could not figure out, which AOSP he uses. My understanding in Git repositories is very low.

Does anyone have a clue? Perhaps using the right resources?
Any help would be highly apreciated.
If I find out something new, I will let you know.