Minimum polling time using tcp/ip

hi to every one,
i have wavecom Q24ext, i am receiving the data from u-blox and sending to the server through tcp/ip. suppose if i want to send the data to the server at an interval of 5seconds, is it possible? wat would be the minimum possible time interval (sending data through tcp/ip)for this module?


minimum timer interval is 18.5 ms.
the fastest you can send tcp is dependent on a lot of things (as network and such)
the wip gives you an event if the data from the buffer is sent, so working from that would give you the shortest interval.

thank u

Can you tell me please what type of event will wip gives to my application when data buffer is sent

That would be stated in the WIP User Guide…


Yes, that’s the one!

i just found out that it doesn’t…
wip_write returns you the number of bytes written info the send-buffer.

is doesn’t state if you must re-supply the bytes that were not written though.

WIP_CEV_WRITE is onetime event for one TCP/IP connection.

I never noticed that wip_write() function returning zero or less than the data bytes what i am sending ex 3351 bytes in my application since from 4 days.

In fact i am sending my bytes only after WIP_CEV_WRITE event occured.

But still after wip_write and immediate wip_close() after WIP_CEV_WRITE event i am missing half amount of data on the server.
This problem resolved when give 2 secconds delay between wip_write() and wip_close(). How to determine this time span of data transfer or how to know that full data reached to the server if my data size is more than 3351 bytes.

let’s continue this in your original thread?

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