Migration from SLQSSDK to MBPL

Hello all, I am using MC7455 modules for our Linux ARM platform and still using SLQSSDK to configure and maintain the modules for basic operations (such as connecting to network, monitoring the signal, etc). Now I am going to support MC74x1 modules on the same platform. MC74x1 modules cannot be managed by SLQSSDK and Sierra suggests moving to MBPL. I see that MBPL uses Linux standard drivers (qmi_wwan and qcserial). Using these drivers we can manage MC74x1 and MC7455 by standard libqmi, qmi-network, qmicli package. On other hand Sierra suggests using its own lite-qmi (included to MBPL). What would you suggest? Standard libqmi package or lite-qmi?

It dpends on what you need to migrate from mc7455

What I have now: a Linux ARM based product with integrated MC7455 module (maintained by SLQSSDK)
What I need: the same product with integrated MC7455 or MC74x1 modules. The question here is what package to use to maintain the MC7455 and MC74x1 modules (Standard Linux libqmi package or Sierra’s lite-qmi)?

then maybe lite-qmi is suitable for you as your previous app is maintained by SLQSSDK
Are you able to compile your app by MBPL?

I just started integration of MBPL. What I see is that API of lite-qmi and SLQSSDK is different. So, I will have to review the application. This is why I would like to select the right path. To go with lite-qmi or standard libqmi package? It seems the application should be modified a lot for both variants. But what are the pros and cons of both approaches?

if you use libqmi, you can use the standard qmicli command, so it would be the same as MC7455 and MC74x1. But in this case, you need to re-develop your app.

Taking into account the API of lite-qmi I see that the application should be re-developed anyway to move from SLQSSDK to lite-qmi.

ok, then maybe you use those standard qmicli command would be easier for you

Ok, thank you for your opinion! Do you think Sierra will support any problems with the modules maintenance if libqmi package will be used (not Sierra’s lite-qmi)?

you need to contact distributor on this.

Thank you very much for your answers!