Message Reference

Can you explain “message reference” when sms sent? “nb” reference with event “ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_ERROR” same as on AT+CMGS???

The message reference, , is allocated by the product. This number begins with 0 and is incremented by one for each outgoing message (successful and failure cases); it is cyclic on one byte (0 follows 255).

Whereas when the “ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_ERROR” event is received, Nb parameter contains the error
number, according to “+CMS ERROR” value (cf. AT Commands Interface
Guide). So in this case and are not equal.

But the value will be same as (message reference) when the event “ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_MR” is received, which means the SMS was sent successfully, Then Nb parameter contains the sent Message Reference value.