[MC8801] Dual carrier: Obtaining second Cell ID possible?


Is it possible to query the second cell ID and LAC for DC-HSPA+ mode? Neither !GSTATUS? nor +USET? reports cell ID and LAC. The used revision is “N2_0_8_2AP R1213 CARMD-EN-10526 2011/04/15 17:12:34”.


There ia a command AT!GSMINFO,it returns 2G network information for the serving cell and upto six neighbouring cell.

Please refer to Aircard/Airprime UMTS Supported AT command guide for more details.


Hi, thank you for your answer.

I already noticed AT!GSMINFO but it is 2G only :confused:

Is there a command for WCDMA? In 3G there is a dual carrier HSPA connection (AT*CNTI=0 reports *CNTI: 0,DC-HSPA+). With AT+CREG? the LAC and Cell ID of the first carrier can be queried.

Is it possible to query the 3G LAC, Cell ID and RxLev of the second carrier?

Thank you in advance.