MC8795V+Windows Embedded Compact 7+Tegra 2



I have strange problem with MC8795V on Windows Embedded Compact 7 on Tegra 2 processor. The NDIS driver works very unstable! Notifications doesn’t come into callback function, some functions(such as SwiSetHostStartup(), SwiActivateProfile(), SwiGetModemDisable(), SwiNotify() and others) failed with SWI_RCODE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT error. If I’m ignoring this error and doing next needed steps (like in sample code) the connection sometimes established but sometimes it did not! And I can not understand the law of this behavior :frowning:
No one of sample applications in Sample Code folder are not working!
I attached 2 versions of log files - 1st with failed of some functions executing and 2nd with successful executing. May be it can help???



Hi, which SDK, driver, and firmware version you are using?