MC7710 AT!ERR "QDSP6 ARM9 (not saved)" Error?

After clearing the ERR-Log there is this Response after AT!ERR

QDSP6               ARM9 (not saved)

What does it mean?



AT!ERR command is used to display logged error conditions that are stored in NVRAM.

AT!ERR returns the log filename and line number in log file for the error

So, when are you getting this error(i.e. AT!ERR QDSP6 ARM9(not saved))? What kind of test is being performed or what is the use case for which detailed diagnostic information is being displayed.

Can you please share the complete DM logs.


I am just guessing here, so I could be wrong about this, but I’ve interpreted the

QDSP6                             ARM9 (not saved)

as a header line and not as part of the error list. It seems to be just a classification of errors based on which CPU they occured in. So the above is really an empty error list, and is what you should expect when you reset the list with AT!ERR=0.

Just for reference, this is what my output look like without resetting the list:

QDSP6                             ARM9 (not saved)                                      
00   C4 cmipcall         01964    00   01 hsu_conf_sel_nv  00578                        
01   FF lte_nas_log      00168    01   01 hsu_conf_sel_nv  00622
02   FF lte_nas_log      00547
03   FF lte_nas_log      00525
04   FF lte_nas_log      00077
05   FF sm_multimode_ha  00069
06   AF ds_3gpp_hdlr     00816
07   FF rfc_mdm9x00_eu_  01719
08   FF rfc_mdm9x00_eu_  01744
09   FF rdevmap          02030
10   FF sio              00737
11   FF sio              00519
12   FF rrcllcpcie       18795
13   FF cmsds            01741
14   FF cmsds            01771
15   FF gsdi             07344
16   FF mmgsdiutil       16577
17   93 gsdi_nv          00221
18   93 gsdi_cphs        00693
19   93 ui_base          00725


I believe this makes it more obvious that the first line is a header. (I am not worrying about these messages - just posted for reference).


Shortly after sending the post I had the fear that it could be the headline.
Since I had no error message, it was unfortunately not logically be seen.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the question.



After enter the AT!ERR command i get a list of codes.
what does these codes mean?
are there any documentation for interprete these lines?

thanks in advance