MC7700 data stuck after sleep


We are using a MC7700 in DIP mode. After successfully establishing connectivity through PPP, we put our host(Mac book pro) to sleep. The MC7700 is still powered during sleep, but probably put in suspend mode.

After waking up the laptop, the data connectivity interface becomes unresponsive. We tried a couple of things to restore it to a clean state with no success. However, the secondary AT port is still responsive and fully functional.

  1. Drop and set the DTR line
  2. LCP terminate
  3. ATZ resets

Is there some underlying mechanisms or behavior that is preventing data interface from being restored to a clean state?

Appreciate any input on this.

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Ideally data connection should be restored afetr wake up.

May be issue is with MAC OS…

Did you try on windows7 or windowsXP.Can you pelase check the behaviour on windows.