MC7455 driver not found in Win7

I’m using the Generic_M2M_DriverSetup_Build4464.exe downloaded from SW web page. Device manager reports 4 detected devices working, but 1 says “Sierra Wireless MC7455 Qualcomm Snapdaragon X7 LTE-A No Driver Found”.

This is for USB\VID_1199&PID_9071&MI_0A\6&3AB7D8AC&0&000A

These sibling interfaces all work properly according to Device Manager:
USB\VID_1199&PID_9071&MI_00\6&3ab7d8ac&0&0000 DM Port
USB\VID_1199&PID_9071&MI_02\6&3ab7d8ac&0&0002 NMEA Port
USB\VID_1199&PID_9071&MI_03\6&3ab7d8ac&0&0003 WWAN Modem
USB\VID_1199&PID_9071&MI_08\6&3ab7d8ac&0&0008 WWAN Network Adapter

Any ideas?


I should say that I’m using the Bplus USBMS-E v1.4 carrier board to host the modem and provide the USB interface.


Please try download that specific drivers (3 parts) from vendor