MC7354 USB Drivers Developer Guide

Just out of curiosity, is there a new revision for the MC7354’s USB Developer Guide available that has the Interface Descriptors for the Remaining PID’s on the module? (eg. 68B1, 68A2, 9056, etc.)

Im more interested in the 68B1 PID to be honest. There’s an interface presented that doesn’t seem to have a corresponding driver in windows.

The interface descriptor is:



I am not aware of newer revision of the USB dev guide. Why do you want to know about these other PID’s? Typically they have been created for direct customers who need something special (and the volumes justify it).

All of the functionality our customers needs should be able to be addressed with the 68C0 PID and the at!ususbcomp command.



Interface number 7 used to be DirectIP in Sierra Wireless modules. But AFAIK, DirectIP isn’t supported for the MC7354.

Note that there doesn’t necessarily have to be anything there, even if the USB descriptors tell you so. The RMNET3 interface is a perfect example of that.

You might find those device IDs documented for other modules. Try looking in the DD guides or PTS for other parts. 68A2 is for example the default QMI PID for MC7710 (and more).

Mostly just curious. I’ve been playing around with the module trying to figure out it’s full rage of functionality, and what uses they could be implemented for. But i’m really not a linux person to be honest, and I’ve been developing with Windows since i finished school. But the difficulty in trying to obtain documentation specifically for windows development environments (Visual Studio 2015) has been… frustrating. I’ve bugged my distributor frequently trying to get the documents(as i’ve been assured that they should have it by the moderators here) but its getting to the point where im being left on hold for 20 - 45 min at a time. Wouldn’t it be easier to have the windows desktop SDK stuff on the source site with the Linux SDK’s?

I’m not trying to sound snippy or rude, and i apologize if i did(That was not my intent!) Its just, i’ve seen posts from other users besides myself asking for similar help in this, but the answer we get is “Talk to your distributor”. :frowning: I dunno if maybe its just my distributor or not, but i don’t really know where else to go for help with these types of questions other than here.

Personally, im not affiliated with any company that does development, and alot of what i know is just from the doc’s that are provided on the site, and several hours spent reading over them on my own time. Plus Microsoft has been making more of their development info more open and easier to access, and while they do have some documentation on development with MBIM, i know i could probably get more functionality out of QMI, if i knew how…