MC7354 - How to send SMS in 3GPP2 by AT command

Hi All,
I used the module(MC7354) to do VZW certification.
In one case, I need send long message (large then 160 char).
When the callbox is setting to the 3GPP2, I found the AT command (AT+CSMP?) return"+CSMP: 4098,0,0,".

I think it’s not same as 3GPP, and I can’t found the format by at command document.

1. What is the format “+CSMP: 4098,0,0,”, have any document?
2. If the format is correct, how I can send long SMS (more then 160 char)?
3. Does 3GPP2 support Text mode , PDU mode or UDH header?


what about concatenated SMS???


Hi Rex

In 3GPP1 , I used UDH to send CONCATENATED SMS. It’s OK.
In 3GPP2, I can’t used UDH to send. So I need to know how to send CONCATENATED SMS in 3GPP2.

I found that the 3GPP1 and 3GPP2 have different result by at command (AT+CSMP?).

Did you have any suggestion?

3GPP2 PDU format is totally different to the 3GPP PDU format; you’ll want to read the following doc:
3GPP2 C.S0015-B: Short Message Service (SMS) for Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems.

Regarding your question about the length and concatenation of messages, I don’t think there is that same idea in 3GPP2 SMS (IIRC). The limit in the length of the text sent is imposed by the encoding being used and also by the max field size that the protocol can report (8 bits). You should read section 4.5.2 in that document.