MC7304 and CSFB


I try to test CSFB with the MC7304 and FW SWI9X15C_05.04.02.00. Based on AT commands
and their replies it seems basically to work from signalling point of view. I am registered
to LTE, get an incoming voice call (RING) and the module makes a fallback to 3G.
But sending an ATH doesn’t terminate the CS connection although an OK is received.
Termination from other peer works, the module registers in LTE again. But subsequent
CSFB calls doesn’t show RING anymore and lead to NO CARRIER, have to reboot the
module before. I use Gobi serial drivers on Linux (2.6.39). Actually the FW is already
3 months old (acc. to timestamp of FW), my distributor hasn’t a newer one, but might
be that there is already a newer FW available for this module (?)

Appreciate any help and information


your distributor should have the firmware.