MC series and Region management

Hi everyone,

I work on a product that will be used on multiple regions. Until now, I was using MC7304. I see on documents that this card is EMEA/Australia.
How to handle in an efficient way multiple regions : EMEA, APAC, Americas, etc.
Should I buy different cards, 1 for each region ?
Is there a card working every where ?
Is a card labelled “EMEA/Australia” not usable in other region

  • because performances will be low (not used bands) ?
  • because it is forbidden, not certified ?

Are the bands changing so fast that each time you buy one , it is obsolete the day after ?

Regarding the “AT!BAND” command ( ), what is the use ? To restrict bands to those really used in the region ? Why not to use “All bands” by default ?

Thank you for your help.


Yes the MC7304 from a hardware perspective has the bands for use in EMEA/Oz/APAC where the MC7354 has them for the US. MC74 is the other way around MC7455 is US/EMEA and the MC7430 is APAC. The EM7565 is the first truly global unit where we have been able to integrate all of the relevant bands into a single unit meaning you can load whatever firmware you want onto it for what ever operator you want.

Re the band selection, all generic units come out of our factory with all bands enabled, if they are operator specific i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Telstra, as part of their approval criteria generally we have to set the bands/tech to the ones only for them. Additionally you might want to restrict it to a given band for your own reasons (and there are a lot) but for generic use ‘All bands’ is the normal setting.