mangOH yellow layout (PDF)

Our customer bought mangOH yellow. To reference mangOH yellow, customer requested the layout.
Please let us know how to get layout for mangOH yellow.
Note: Customer requested PDF format, please help it.

see if this helps:

Probably you need to convert the gerber files to PDF

I know it but I and customer CAD do not support art format. Could you please let us know art CAD application or convert it to PDF?

does this help? (using cadence allegro)

Thanks. Customer download cadence allegro viewer but this application cannot support art format.
So, we cannot see art format now.
Please convert PDF file.

you can see here:

Thanks. But both download site is already closed.
Can SWI support PDF format for layout?

Seems your PC has some connection problem…

I can go to online gerber viewer(but you need to register an account):

You can also try GC-Prevue ( but it needs License)

Here also says you can use KiCAD which should be free software:

I just download GerbView, it can open those .art files: