Make Phone Calls?

I am from Europe and looking for an easy solution to make Phone Calls with an ordinary Windows Pc.
In the Future i will use Win Embedded and an micro Pc for if it work…
SMS isnt any Problem i have MWConn for. For Home use i take an Huawei Dongle who allow me to make Phone Calls over there Software but that isnt an Solution for my project.
In the past i ask an Distributor i buy some spare parts for my Laptop and the told me he cant order 1-2 Pice of this Card for me and no help… :frowning:
So does anyone make Phone call whit his Sierra Wireless Card w/o and physical Microphone/ Speaker Port?

Which card you are planning to buy? For MC cards we have watcher and through AT commands also we can do phone call……


someone who work gg. I know stupid ansewer but i dont care what name have the card. 3G and GSM is Important. The question is how to make it?
I hope i can do it with Software only? (Thats mean in the Future my Software?)