M1206B GPRS Modem, attending establish PPP link was fail

Hi all,
I got a problem. I had a GPRS modem of M1206B. When I want to connect from PC to internet by M1206B through establishing PPP-link using New Conection Wizard in Windows OS, I follow the guideline reference at the url below.
It was really done and connected to internet. Then I can get a IP address from DHCP Server of the telecom.

My problem is that, how do I eatablish PPP-link manually using AT command sets by HyterTerminal in Windows OS?
My command as following:


Then appear,

CONNECT 115200
~ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´~~ÿ}#À!}!}!} }6}!}$}%Ü}"}&} } } } }’}"}(}"}#}$À#&´~

So,I always can’t connect to Server of telecom and get a ip.
Where is the something wrong? Tell me,Please. Thanks a lot!

What you see there is the PPP data - so you need to respond to that with PPP frames.

Clearly, you cannot type PPP frames manually using Hypoterminal!
Can you?! :open_mouth:

So, because no valid PPP frames are forthcoming, the link drops - and you get

What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

Hi awneil,

Because of having a XP Embedded System or Desktop PC or PAC in the field and transmitting the value of sensors automatically through this GPRS modem, I intend to program c# or vc++ codes that was been deployed in those systems. When the data is been changed or excess of the cirtical value, it start to dial-up GPRS modem through com port and create a PPP connection to transmit data. After transmitting successfully, it can disconnect the PPP connection.

That’s whole my scenario.

I knew that I have to response the PPP 3way-handshake, but I wonder how the NEW CONNECTION WIZARD in Windows OS do that!

Do you have approximate samples to establish GPRS over PPP connection through M1206B just like Windows OS?
Thanks again!

The Wizard is just a way to capture settings interactively from a human user.

As you’re writing a PC application to do this, then you’ll just need some way to supply those same settings in your own installation and/or configuration process.

Why do you say “just like” Windows?
You said you are using Windows - so you just continue to do it the Windows way!

You said you already have “c# or vc++ codes that was been deployed - so, surely, it must already be handling this?!

Your Windows developer documentation will tell you how to manage & use Windows network connections in your programs.

See also: msdn.microsoft.com

etc, etc,…

Hi awneil,
I made a mistake. Since the exactly what I mean as following,
I intend to program c# or vc++ codes that will been deployed in those systems, I have no idea about that. I also looked for msdn and codeproject but none what I want.

The NEW CONNECTION WIZARD is a native application in Windows OS. Because It can’t been integrated to my application, I don’t want to use but learning it. So I said “just like windows NEW CONNECTION WIZARD”. Further the application may been deployed in PC,embedded system or PAC which connect the GPRS modem with RS-232.

Do you have any suggestion about the code?

OK, so it’s just a question of English usage - which, presumably, is not your first language?

Note that “been” is in the past tense - it refers to something that is done already;
To describe your intention to do something in the future, you would say, “I intend to program c# or vc++ codes that will be deployed…”
Is that what you mean?

Then, clearly, the first thing you need to learn is C# or VC++ programming for PCs - that’s not a subject for this forum!
There are plenty of courses and books that cover this.

They will, of course, assume that you have at least a basic understanding of Windows programming!

Of course not: it’s for users - not for applications!

Again, you mean “may be?

What “embedded system”?
What is a PAC?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to write a single application that will run on all these platforms - especially if you use C#, which is a Microsoft language specifically for Windows, isn’t it?

Each of them will have its own “driver” layer which you will need to understand and use; eg, on Windows you might use the Windows Sockets interface…

Why can’t I find the specification of M1206B in this wabsite?
Is there an Open AT OS within it?

It’s an obsolete product, and has been for several years now.
It was, I think, replaced by the M1306 - which is now also obsolete, having been replaced by the Fastrack Supreme.

The page for the M1206B is here wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ack_M1206B but it contains no information at all! :angry:

See rant here: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=2169&p=7991#p7991
And here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2177&p=8054#p8054

But I thought you said specifically that you did not want to use Open-AT?! :confused:

Anyhow, You can check that with AT+WOPEN=2
Obviously, for such an old product it’s likely to be an old version and, therefore, unlikely to included the latest things like WIP…