Lua module socket.http (HTTPS) SSL support

Good evening,

I am doing a bit of research into the feasibility of using a GX400 and the ALEOS AF for a project. I was looking at the socket.http module because we need to make service calls to an (SSL) HTTPS endpoint. However, I did not see in the docs whether or not socket.http supports SSL - does anyone know if HTTPS communication is supported from socket.http?


Hi Phil,

Unfortunately socket.http does not support SSL straight out of the box, it needs an additional library. The current version of ALEOS AF does not embed this library.
Would you be able to support a custom security layer ?

Thanks for the speedy response.

Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by ‘custom security layer?’ Our use case is very simple we have an HTTP server that only accepts traffic on Port 443 (HTTPS SSL) and we need to POST data to various URLs on that server. Do you have any suggestions on how we might go about doing that without an HTTPS library?


I was thinking implementing your own protocol on top of HTTP or TCP. But that would definitively be not compatible with SSL.

By any chance does the new Aleos library support https yet?

Yes indeed, that is shipped starting from ALEOS 4.4.4 (released already, but only on LS, GX/ES400/440) and will be shipped starting from ALEOS 4.6.0 (MP70) and ALEOS 4.6.1(RV50, GX/ES450) (to be released by this summer)

Any update on a release for ALEOS 4.6.1 for the RV50?
I would like to use the socket.https library on my RV50s.
Thank you.

Unfortunately ALEOS 4.6.1 release was delayed a bit to add some mandatory feature. The current plan is to have it ready before the end of September.

Is there an update on a release for ALEOS 4.6.1?

Sorry for the confusion. 4.6.1 is now released (and available on the web site), for it is still limited to the MP70. 4.7.0 is the next release planned for RV50.
The release scheme was renamed in order to address urgent update on MP70.
ALEOS 4.7.0 is planned for November. Sorry for the delay, but this is mostly out of my control. It will be published on as soon as available.

Please note that on some exceptional basis we do provide Engineering builds to customers so that they can do preliminary tests before the actual release is out. Please contact your FSE, Sale representative or distributor to see if that would be possible for your use case.

I am having difficulty migrating my lua app from AAF 4.5.2 to AAF 4.7.0 on a Raven RV50. I believe what is happening is that the way the http.request works has changed from 4.5.2 to 4.7.0 as per some of the previous posts an https module was added to 4.6.1 and above. Is there any documentation on the new api for 4.7.0 and how the https.request should be structured? I am including a username and password in the url, I hope that is still possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Other than adding support for https, http module should not have changed. Could you provide error logs of you request, or a few line of code that we could see and/or reproduce the bug?