Low Power Consumption

I am using a FXT009 modem which I plan to use as the system master. I need to collect data two times a day at a remote installation and all data is to be collected via the RS232 port. As it is remote, the system will be powered by solar panels and battery, therefore I need to reduce the power usage of the modem to a minimum between times. I plan no extension cards, etc to the modem and want to use it just as it is. I need to have it do some type of a sleep and wake up using the RTC.

I had hoped to use the alarm mode, but find that is not available for the modem. What is the best I can do using my configuration.

Thanks in advance for help.


You can enter into sleep mode by giving AT+W32K command.
AT+W32K=1,1 // If you want to use DTR signal to enter or leave the SLEEP mode
AT+W32k=1,0 // If you want to ignore DTR signal



My name is Bastien i’m now in charge of the project of dHarold who open that topic.

Thanks for the reply.

I whould like to know if we ignore the DTR signal what is the ways I can wake up the fastrack by itself ?

Maybe timer ? which kind of timer ?

In documentation I read about AT+WBHV and sleep mode ever used this ?

Thanks in advance for help.