Loss of Connectivity with RV50's

We have multiple sites that use Sierra Wireless RV50’s that are used to establish a VPN connection back to AWS cloud services for management of sites across the US. Some of the sites are experiencing issues with VPN connectivity. After some log reviews on the router, from what I can tell is that there is a significant drop in connection that is substantial enough to drop the VPN tunnel. When this happens, the site becomes unresponsive on the AWS side and the VPN tunnel fails to reconnect until after a significant amount of time or with manual intervention. We are looking for guidance or possible configurations we can try to help alleviate these connection drops causing the tunnel to become inactive

I have an open ticket with our Sierra Wireless supplier to investigate a similar issue. Rebooting the modem seems to fix the problem, but there needs to be a better solution. This has happened on two different networks so I don’t think it’s ISP related.

Hi gary.r.rodgers,

Which type of VPN are you using, IPsec or OpenVPN? Could you please provide your VPN configuration?

Please hide your sensitive information such as sites’ static IP, authentication, etc.


Ben –

Did you get any response yet back from your ticket? I‘d be interested in how they handle it.



Hi Gary,
Our supplier forwarded the log files to SW, and they saw the modem giving up after a number of attempts for network authentication. I didn’t get an answer on why this was happening, but they suggested a scheduled reboot. The watchdog feature was already enabled so I’m not sure what it’s doing differently. So far the scheduled reboots have kept the modems online.