Loop limit

I have just upgraded to the OASiS Release 2.01.
I see that WaveCom documents recommend not using loops inside tasks.

Here is the text from the ADL guide.
“the application shall not use infinite loops and loops having a
too long duration, the Wireless CPU® will reset due to the watchdog
hardware security”
I understand it is better to avoid loops altogether and define a completely event based
But we are looking to port an Application that has loop based processing in a lot of places.
and I am trying to optimize the porting effort.
Does anybody know the time limit on loop duration
within which the System will perform normally.(assuming that the loop is in a lower priority task)
I mean how long is too long.

In an ideal preempting world the OS should preempt the looping task with another
high priority task which I believe is not the case even with in OASiS 2.0.(ADL over OpenAT)

The absolute limit is the watchdog timeout - that’s what will cause the system to reboot.

look at adl_wdXxx() functions, they let you sedate the watchdog for arbitrary periods if it’s annoying you.