Linux embedded Where to start ?!


I am trying to understand how to use MC8795V airprime module on my linux embedded platform (console only).

I found some website with information, but I was seeking info from sierra. I did not find anything of interest.

I want to understand how it should be tied with linux. Now, I can see 6 x /dev/ttyUSBx devices but what is the use of those /dev/ttyUSBx ? Where to look to understand how it should work and how to use it in my OS ?

Do I have to use usb-modeswitch ? is there any way other than use of pppd ? …

Thank you


Hi Kris,

Not sure what you are going to achieve on embedded linux.

From your description, /dev/ttyUSB, 6 ports created means USB is loaded properly, so there are no need for usb-modeswitch.

The ttyUSB feature depends on the configuration and mode, please refer to USB developers guide.
These ports have it’s own usage: FW log, CnS, NMEA, AT, PPP.

MC8795V supports both CnS and AT/PPP for control, whereas PPPD is commonly used on Linux.

In additional, MC8795V also supports DirectIP mode to have virtual network adapter (NDIS) over USB. (please refer to USB developer guide)

We can also use PAD commands, to send/receive TCP/IP packet using AT command. (please refer to AT cmd guide)

Please specify what you are going to do so we can have better suggestion.

Some documents that may help:

AT command guide:

USB devloper guide:

PPPD on Linux

Hope this helps.

Hello lotam,

Thank you a lot for your answer! I appreciate your help, it is exactly what I need!