Linux Drivers for EM9190 5G modem

Dear Support,

We were able to bring up and connect EM7565 4G module and now we want to test EM9190 5G using GobiNet and GobiSerial Drivers. But with the same installed GobiNet driver during boot up we are not seeing the message below for 5G module which we are able to see in 4G

creating qcqmi0
RawIP mode

Please suggest.


gobi driver has been end of life.
you need to use the MBPL USB driver:

@jyijyi Thanks for the response.
whats the equivalent of AT!SCACT for EM9190, we have this working for EM7565 but could not find the same command for EM9190 5G module.

Also please let us know is there way to identify the card connected is 4G (EM7565) or 5G (EM9190). This we want to check before starting our application.


never tried with AT!SCACT with EM91
you can see if you can use MBIM command for data establishment:

Or you can use the connection manager in the MBPL SDK.