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I’m not sure I have put this entry in the correct place on this forum so I apologise if I have.

I am working on a new project using Developer Studio 2.2.1 with OAT Suite but I am having build issues resulting the the following error when building the project:

I have attached this generic project to demonstrate the basic structure of my project that I want to use. This project is using the “Application Settings” configuration dialogue.

Can anyone explain why I’m getting the above error message?

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Your project is making reference to a symbol (function or variable name) “MOD1_Init”, but there is no definition for that symbol.

DevStudio has historically had problems correctly/completely parsing Linker messages into the ‘Problems’ view, so you might get more useful information by looking at the actual build output in the ‘Console’ view…

Hello awneil,

Thanks for your response.

I have not resolved this issue yet but I have since checked what I uploaded to this forum entry ( and I see that the project does not seem to include the ‘main.c’ module so I have attached an update from this forum entry along with a console view output. I have not looked at the console view output in detail yet (I will) but if anyone can give any guidance to the cause of this error it would be greatly appreciated.

As I currently understand it this ‘Build’ error is telling me that the function ‘MOD1_Init’ has not been defined (please correct me if this is not the case) but if you look in the ‘Moudule1.C’ file you will see that it has been defined and the ‘Module1.H’ file has been included in the ‘main.c’ file so calling this function from the main function should work.

I do understand that this is a fundamental C programming issue but I just don’t understand why I cannot resolve it.


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I/we have discovered the cause of this error. Do not name your module files with a capital extension, i.e. use .c and not .C or use .h and not .H.



Problem still there with 2.3.0, and in my project I don’t have any files with capital letters in the filenames…

The project however consists of several library projects where some library projects depend on other library projects.

Putting everything into a single project instead and I don’t get this error.

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