Level Sensitive Interrupts


Has anyone been able to hook up a discrete component to the WMP100 that has a Level Sensitive interrupt output? It appears that it isn’t supported on either the WMP100 or on the Q26 with either OASIS 2.1x or 2.20. The documentation makes it sound like it is supported but when we call the capabilities function here is what we got:

adl_extintGetCapabilities( &irq_ExtIntCapabilities );

sprintf( outputString, " IRQ Caps %x %x %x %x %x \r\n",irq_ExtIntCapabilities.NbExternalInterrupt,
irq_ExtIntCapabilities.RisingEdgeSensitivity );
adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, outputString );

/* HERE IS THE OUTPUT FROM terminal app. /
IRQ Caps 9 0 0 1 1 */

Has anyone been able to work with level sensitive interrupt outputs with the WMP100 or Q26?